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Two hours line for pickup. And then they've grossly overcharged me, tripling the total amount as per reservation. I will dispute the change with my credit card and NEVER AGAIN!Reviewed Jun 23 2024
review fromkayak
Advantage Car Rental will try to take advantage of you. I was subjected to relentless hard upsell tactics at 11pm at night. I resisted, and paid the agreed-upon price; a colleague gave in and ended up paying 3x the reservation price and was upset for days. First: The "Compact SUV" turned out to be a European-sized mini hatchback, NOT an SUV by any stretch of anyone's imagination (Kia Kona). It's just a compact hatchback sedan. So I got relentlessly pressured to: 1) Upgrade the car, being told that nothing will fit into it 2) Buy insurance - everywhere else I tell them that my credit card covers it, and that's that; here they demanded to see my actual personal policy before agreeing to not charge me extra $$$ 3) rent a SunPass for tolls for $10 a day, threatening that if I go through a single toll without it they'll charge me $50, and lying that there are no options to pay cash at many of the tolls, etc. It was RELENTLESS. The guy must have cut his chops in timeshare sales. Truth went out the window as he kept coming up with all the problems I'd encounter if I didn't pay up. If you're the type who can sit through a timeshare pitch and not buy, you can remain steadfast and get the agreed-upon price, which is admittedly great. That seems to be their business model - advertise a low price and then beat extra cash out of you like a pinata when you arrive, tired, from your flight. While I was there, another tired family fresh off a flight was arguing with a rep about their reservation not being honored. The return process was very easy and they didn't pull any tricks as I worried they might. So, would I rent from them again? Yes, but I'd go in mentally prepared.Reviewed Jun 20 2024
review fromkayak
None of their fees were listed correctly. It was a complete bait and switch. They advertised a low price, but when you got there, the cost was easily triple or quadruple what they quoted. Do not fall for scammers like this near the airport just go past the airport where people do honest business.Reviewed Jun 3 2024
review fromkayak
It was ok. Atimes they have long lines that is awfully frustrating to be on waiting to pickup a rental car.Reviewed Jun 1 2024
review fromkayak
I was supposed to get a compact SUV, they gave me a Nissan Rogue that is considered a Compact SUV. They charged $50 for it and have been refusing to reverse this charge due to the confusion about its applicability. The gas level at pickup was almost full, 15/16th perhaps. They recorded it as Full. When I returned the car back, it was FULL. I have asked them to refund the additional gas charge and I'm awaiting their confirmation.Reviewed May 30 2024
review fromkayak
Kayak sold me car insurance for my trip. I told the rep that I bought it, he said he could see the policy attached to the reservation. When I got the bill, $40 was added to the trip fees. When I called Advantage, they said, "we don't accept third party insurance". I will never purchase thru kayak or advantage again.Reviewed May 23 2024
review fromkayak
Quoted $169.00. Showed up and they tried to rip me off for gas, tolls and especially insurance. After going through many hoops to show that I have adequate insurance coverage, I was asked to produce a declaration page. After spending 10 minutes on the phone with my insurance company, the agent just said “Do you have a car loan? Then you’re fine. You have adequate coverage” - It was a very poor experience. There should never be a quoted price and final price that are nearly double. I’ll never rent from them or recommend them.Reviewed May 21 2024
review fromkayak
Travel options to/from the offsite location is HORRIBLE. The shuttle buses run every 20 minutes and is a very small shuttle when it does arrive. Once at the rental location, the lines to speak with a rep is just as bad as the wait for the shuttle buses. This is a big inconvenience and would drive me back to paying the higher rental cost for convenience and speed. On a good note, my customer service rep was amazing! And the vehicle I receive is always nice and clean.Reviewed May 20 2024
review fromkayak
They refused to honor my reservation and claimed they had no cars but could make a special opportunity for me at $175 a day. As it was late at night I had to take their high price offer for one day but got them down $106 a day. We switched to Economy Rent-A-Car the next day at $84 for 4 days. Steer clear of Advantage. They are scammers and liarsReviewed Apr 26 2024
review fromkayak
It was the worst possible experience! The agent, who had no name tag, was very rude and unprofessional. He told me that since I was renting for just one day, I should have gone to Budget or Enterprise. He charged my account twice. He treated my husband and me as if we were trying to steal something. He said that I needed to show proof of residency, so I did, but it had my husband’s name on it. Therefore, I had to add my husband to the reservation, and then he charged me twice the amount that was agreed upon for adding my husband. The entire time, he kept saying, “it would be easier if I canceled your reservation and let you go.” And I left the store without the car!Reviewed Apr 13 2024
review fromkayak
2 day rental at a very low rate ($48). Expected to be taxed like crazy and pressured for upcharges, but this was a whole new level. Website not working or helpful in preparing an easy counter experience. App useless. At the counter, was told my NY/NJ EZ Pass I brought is useless unless I want to be double-charged. And, “FL no longer accepts cash at tolls, so renting the plate pass for $11/day, unlimited tolls, is cheaper than the fines if you end up on a toll road.” I could have navigated around all tolls on the trip, and there are clearly cash lanes at each toll booth. Plus, I pre-purchased Allianz rental insurance directly to avoid their overpriced option, but was told I could not rent the car without purchasing (at least) their liability option ($20/day). He said I was lucky b/c that is MUCH less than the $59/day full coverage. All in, my 2 day $48 car rental ended up at $128!! Still much less than the Big 3 but nearly 3x what I reserved. Finally, I don’t fully blame Advantage: CLEARLY the State of FL and the county are in on the visitor fleecing.Reviewed Apr 11 2024
review fromkayak
I ended up paying 3 times the value advertised in kayak.Reviewed Apr 7 2024
review fromkayak

Where can I find Advantage car rentals in Orlando?


5601 Butler National Drive


Monday00:00 - 23:59
Tuesday00:00 - 23:59
Wednesday00:00 - 23:59
Thursday00:00 - 23:59
Friday00:00 - 23:59
Saturday00:00 - 23:59
Sunday00:00 - 23:59


+1 800 777 5500


International Drive


10100 International Drive

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Most popular location

5601 Butler National Drive

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Top tips for renting a car from Advantage in Orlando

  • There are a few quick and simple ways for visitors to move around Orlando. The simplicity with which the rental cars enable visitors to explore the city on their own pace is one of the key advantages of renting an Advantage automobile in Orlando. Escot Bus Lines and the majority of Orlando's public transportation alternatives run on set schedules, thus taking public transportation will take much longer than taking your own private rental car. Obtaining a rental car guarantees that, once you reach your initial destination, you can go to additional, preferred attractions in Orlando with a lot of ease.
  • It's just as simple to return an Advantage rental car in Orlando as it is to pick one up. Visitors only need to follow the car return signage once they get to the proper Advantage rent a car return locations in Orlando to return their rental automobiles. You only need to place the official lease agreement, along with the rented car's mileage level plus the fuel levels, in the Advantage Fastbreak return box to finish the rental return process. You are not required to go back to Advantage's cashier. Within 48 hours, Advantage will email you a written lease agreement.
  • Customers must present the necessary identification before they can book Advantage car rentals in Orlando. These include a credit card with the required credit limit certified under the name of the primary leesee for funding the car rental offerings as well as holding the damage deposit, a valid driver's license with at least one year of driving experience, a hard copy of the rental confirmation voucher obtained for the vehicle booking from Advantage, personal identity documents, as well as any additional paperwork that Advantage car rentals in Orlando may need.
  • Drivers with special requirements who book Advantage car rentals in Orlando can request free adapted driving aids including spinner knobs, hand controls, pedal extenders, or left-foot accelerators.  Customers are advised to make these bookings at the Orlando Advantage locations of their choice at least one day before the rental pickup time. When booking Advantage car rentals in Orlando, customers who intend to use these cars with children can pay an additional fee to obtain infant seats, booster seats, or child seats.
  • Full-size rental cars from Advantage in Orlando are around -44% cheaper than other car types, on average.

FAQs about renting a car from Advantage in Orlando

  • What forms of credit are accepted by Advantage car rentals in Orlando?

    Visa, American Express, and MasterCard are the three major credit cards authorized for payments when one decides to book Advantage car rentals in Orlando. Neither Cash, gift cards, nor prepaid cards are allowed. In order to keep the rental deposit for your chosen vehicles once the whole cost of the rental car services has been paid, Advantage car rentals requires that you keep a minimum of C$ 200 available on your credit card used to make rental reservations.

  • What is the age limit for one to book Advantage car rentals in Orlando?

    You must not be less than 20 years old to book Advantage car rentals in Orlando. When renting a car from an Orlando Advantage station, drivers under the age of 25 must pay an extra underage charge. However, you should note that the company will allow you to use one of its vehicles without charging you an additional cost if you are aged below 20 years but need to use a rental car for an authorized government function or military duty.

  • What happens if I wreck a car that I rented in Orlando from Advantage car rentals?

    Any damage a renter might inflict to an Advantage vehicle is covered by the Collision Damage Waiver offered when one book Advantage car rentals in Orlando. However, your waiver must not be excessive in any way in order to cover the costs of the damages. You will be directly responsible for a percentage of the auto repair costs if somehow the collision damage waiver comes with an excess cap. Advantage normally demands a credit card with not less than $200 deposit when picking up car rentals. This deposit is where any necessary charges for vehicle damage will be deducted.

  • What is the most popular rental car from Advantage in Orlando?

    Full-size (Honda Odyssey or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type from Advantage in Orlando.

  • How many car rental locations does Advantage have in Orlando?

    Advantage has 3 rental locations in Orlando. Take a look at our Advantage rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

  • Does Advantage have a car rental location at the airport: Orlando airport (MCO)?


  • Does Advantage offer shuttle or airport pick-up services from Orlando airport (MCO)?


  • Does Advantage have a car rental location at the airport: Orlando Sanford Intl airport (SFB)?

    No (According to our data)

  • Does Advantage offer shuttle or airport pick-up services from Orlando Sanford Intl airport (SFB)?